How to Prevent Damage to Your Luggage and Carry On


Whether you’re jetting off on a weekend getaway across the country or are going on a cruise, you’ll need to make sure your clothes, shoes and personal items get to your final destination in one piece. Damage to luggage or carryon bags may mean buying new clothes or replacing some of your personal items, and in some cases, you could lose several much-needed items during transit. Taking steps to protect your luggage carryon can prevent unnecessary damage when that bag leaves your hands at check-in, or when it’s sitting in overhead compartments in the plane.

Look forward to a stress-free trip by taking these steps to prevent damage to your luggage and carryon bags:

  1. Pack your bags properly. Stuffing or overloading luggage or carryon can cause damage to the bag during the trip, and you may end up losing some of your valuables when the bag breaks apart. Avoid overloading your bags and pack everything neatly and securely. Be practical about what you really need for the trip so that you aren’t packing extra items. If the zippers and seams are strained when the bag is closed, it’s time to lighten up the load.
  2. Pack clothing away from the edges of the bag. Certain types of clothing can easily get caught up in the zippers of your luggage or carryon and end up causing snags and unnecessary wear and tear on the bag itself. Pack your clothing as close to the center of the bag as possible, or pack clothing items in a separate plastic bag before putting it in to your suitcase.
  3. Put softer items around the edge of your bag. Line the corners and sides of your bags with soft items such as balls of socks, towels and other items. These items can help to secure everything in place and prevent movement during transit. Putting these softer items around the edges of the bag can prevent damage to the inside of your luggage or carryon.
  4. Keep toiletries in a separate compartment. Bath products and toiletries that leak into to your suitcase not only damage your clothes and personal items, but can also damage the bag itself. Prevent damage to your luggage or carryon by making sure all caps on toiletries are secure, and that any items that could leak are packed in separate plastic bags. Remember the 3-1-1 rule when packing toiletries in your carryon.
  5. Buy a high-quality luggage cover. One of the easiest ways to protect your bags and prevent damage to luggage is to wrap the bag in a luggage cover. These lightweight and durable covers wrap snugly around your bag to prevent water from getting in, and general wear and tear. You can purchase these in a variety of colors and styles, and reduce the risk of excess damage to your favorite set of luggage.